Tower Of Song (1988-)
  Interview with Scott simon 1988, L.A.
"Tower of song", that's a good song. That's probably the only real song on that album. I think that the standard of the whole record is quite high but "Tower Of Song" is one of the three or four real songs that I've ever written.
  Nurnberg  10/05/88
This is my story. It's a dismal story. It's a shabby story. It's a funny story. But it's my story.
  Paris, interview by C. Whatshisname
    Magazine "Les Inrockuptibles", February 1988
I like "Tower Of Song", it's my story. And the last line "You'll be hearing from me Baby, long after I'm gone" ..... (smiling) you believe this kind of things once in a while you know


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