The Guests (1979-1980)
We first hear an extract of the song:"One by one,the guests arrive...the broken-hearted few....

I think that kind of imagery can be discovered all through the literature. The persian poet Rumi (XIII th century) uses the idea of the guests a lot,the festival,the feast and the guests. It's almost impossible to talk about that seed moment of when a song begins. It could be the soul comes into world. There is some notion the soul has that there is a feast, that there is a festival,that there is a banquet. It strives to experience the hospitality of the world. It doesn't achieve it. It feels lonely, this is everybody's experience. It feels lost. It stumbles around on the outskirts of the party. If the striving is deep enough or if the Grace of the host is turned towards the seeking guest, then suddenly the inner door flies open and he finds himself or the soul finds himself at that banquet table. Although no one knows where the night is going, no one knows why the wine is flowing. Noone actually understand the mechanics of this grace except that we experience it from time to time.

This is a new song and i'm very surprised that this song has gained any kind of popularity because it's a kind of difficult song. I think most of its popularity is due to the fact that Raffi Hakopian plays on it, and John Belezikjan.'s a song about how a new soul comes into the world looking for the feast, feeling completely separated from everything, feeling isolated and in exile, and how the great author of this dismoral catastrophe, this veil of tears, pulls each of these souls into the Feast and into the banquet. And noone knows where the night is going, noone knows why the wine is flowing and Oh Love I need You I need You I need You.....

This song is called "The Guests", and it's from my new album. I have been rather surprised, i've been rather surprised with everything actually, but I've been rather surprised by the reception this song has had in this country.

I don't know if I'm doing the right thing.  But this is a song from my latest group of songs.  It's a song very much influenced by a great poet, Farid ud-Din' Attar.  The song's called "The Guests."

The Guests was included in the musical "I am a Hotel"


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