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The Captain (1985-)
 Interview (Magazine "Paroles et Musiques",1985)
I began this song four years ago and it has 30 or 40 verses. I had to choose among them.This selection does not guarantee an achievement but at least proves the will of achievement. Among others, there are two lines that I find true: "What ever makes a soldier sad, will make a killer smile." In other words, we are really a predatory species. We are unique so far as we kill for pleasure.  We have to understand that we're going to meet with some people who, naturally, are killers. It's not like a soldier or self-defence. We have to get ourselves ready, otherwise we're going die by naivety. And this is the topic of "The Captain," a passing on during which the corporal and the basic soldier are really taught by the captain because he's the one who understands he has to fight. But the soldier considers that, in light of so much pain and bloodshed, his only way out is to escape from the place of war. But the captain furthers his education, saying to him "There's no decent place."