Seems so long ago,Nancy  (1972-1980)
(verse variations)

The morning had not come, Nancy was still alone, but with a forty-five beside her head, an open telephone We told her she was beautiful, we told her she was free, but none of us could meet her in the house of mystery, the house of mystery

This is a song for a girl named Nancy who was a real girl, who went into the bathroom of her father's house, took her brother's shotgun and blew her head off. Age of 21. Maybe this is an arrogant thing to say, but maybe she did it because there weren't enough people saying what I've been saying.

I'd like to sing a song for a most beautiful blonde woman who died in 1961, in Montreal.

Modified verse

The morning would not come
And never does
Nancy really was alone.

(verse variations)

Ah but the morning never really came.Nancy was alone.
A PK-45 beside her head, an open telephone.
We told her she was beautiful.We all told her she was free.
But none of us would meet her in.
The House of Mystery,the House of Mystery

OK so now you can look all around you.See her everywhere.
Many of you use her style of body now,many comb her hair.
And in the hollow of the night,when you are cold and numb
You can hear her talking freely then.
She's happy that you've come,she's happy that you've come.

This is a song that I wrote a real long time ago for a girl, you know, who seemed to be a bit ahead of her time. Her name was Nancy.....(?)

A song I wrote for a young woman in Montreal.

This single contains the deep mysterious version of "Seems so long ago, Nancy", played in London, during the 1972 tour. (Also included in the Vinyl LP "Live Songs".


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