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Leonard Cohen in his own live words

"Nowadays there's a great deal of confusion between Art and Religion.
Since religion has failed so many people, they look to Art for Salvation.
I wish them luck in this enterprise."

(Leonard Cohen, "Megamix, 1992, Interview")

The purpose of this web site is very simple : songs, poems and other texts explained only by Leonard Cohen

"It is not just the observance and the documentation and the record of a few museum songs. After all I wrote these songs to myself and to women several years ago and it is a curious thing to be trapped in that original effort, because here I wanted to tell one person one thing and now I am in the situation where I must repeat them like some parrot chained to his stand, night after night."

 (Leonard COHEN, "Bird on a wire", Motion Picture, 1974) 


The Master Prologue

("Minute Prologue", London, March 23 1972)

"I've been listening to all the dissention.
  I've been listening to all the pain.
  And I feel that no matter what I do for you
It's gonna come back again.
But I think that I can heal it, but I think that I can heal it,
I'm a fool, but I think that I can heal it with this song."

This ever growing site was made to give us a hand to understand more and more Leonard's work. It is also legitimate as Leonard told us once (during the Frankfurt concert of April 6th, 1972) that if we listen to him sing and we can't listen to him talk, what we are hearing is a lie. This site is based on his live recordings, interviews, or notes. In fact, all his own words. I picked up the spoken or sung introductions to the songs and some additional verses Leonard included sometimes. I also included some songs like "Tennessee Waltz", "Billy Sunday", Wither thou goest, "Passing Through"..., for, although not written by Leonard, they are often sung on tour, and always introduced in his own unique way. You'll also find some earlier songs' versions like "Chelsea Hotel 1" and "The Bells", and a section called "Improvisations", which include the spoken or sung words unread and unheard. These improvisations stand for Leonard as a way of unslaving himself from his "lawyers and contracts and royalties"... Everything was welcome, and still is, to give a hand in lighting his work. There are diamonds in the lines everywhere. Some humorous words, more directed to the popular audiences of a single night among 30 years of Leonard's touring, were compiled even if Leonard don't give them so much importance afterwhile and if their relation with the forward song is not obvious. These humorous words create a climate round the song, that can show the way. Another fact: Leonard loves the idea of being a link in a chain. So you'll find the names of many coverists at the bottom of many pages. Another kind of homage. My work intends to be sober but needs to be rich. I think that, as Judy Collins said once, Leonard Cohen is a great entertainer, although he's the first one not convinced of that. His introductions participate in this great talent..

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"Sometimes I'm interviewed by Newspapers,and they ask me the meaning of my songs.And if the interviewers are French, they ask the meaning of meaning.This is my platform."

Leonard Cohen, Paris, 1974

Well observed Leonard......

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