Passin' Thru  (1979-1988)
(Dick Blakeslee, adapt. Leonard Cohen)

(sung as additional verse)

I had so very much to say to Billie Holiday
I said, "Are these songs you sing,
Are they really true?"
She said, "They're neither false, they're neither true,
It's just something that I do
(alternative) I did not expect that question from someone like you
To show you that I'm only passin'thru."
(alternative) I'm doing my bit to show you that I too am passing through

The song "Passing Through" is a song I learned when I was fifteen, from a very devoted socialist that I knew. That particular version of the song comes out of "The People's Songbook" which was a song book developed out of the interest that the socialists had at one time in Folk Music, still have. It came out of the "Almanac Singers" who later became "The Weavers", that's the group that Pete Seeger was in - the book was edited by John Lomax. The book itself was very influential in interesting me in song and songwriting. I came across it when I was about fifteen.

Ah I hope you all pass a pleasant Easter and a pleasant Passover. I hope you left the land of Egypt as your fathers did. I hope you are resurrected with the living Christ.

"Passing Through" has been sung by many artists, like Pete Seeger and Oscar Brand (live in NY in 1961, album "Morality")


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