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Hunter's Lullaby

Words are sometimes different from the studio
release one year later ("Various Positions").
It is sung in the musical "Night Magic" (1984) by Carole Laure.

Baby your father's gone a-hunting
Into the forest wild
He cannot take his wife with him
He cannot take his child

Your father's gone a-hunting
In the quicksand and the clay
A woman cannot follow him
Although she knows the way

Your father's gone a-hunting
Through the mirror and the glass
Where only greed can enter
But spirit cannot pass

Baby now your father's gone a-hunting
For the beast he cannot bind
And he's left a baby sleeping
And his blessings all behind

Your father's gone a-hunting
And he's lost my lucky charm
And he's lost the guardian heart
That keeps the hunter from the harm

There's a darkness in the thicket
That was not there before
And among the tangled undergrowth
There is one tangle more

Your father's gone a-hunting

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