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I wanna thank here three people and a Master.
The Master is Leonard Cohen, who told me to "go ahead" with the idea of collecting his live words. Leonard is the spiritual owner of this site.

Second is Marc : he had the original idea and compiled all the stuff, I've tried to help him, he is a precious friend. I helped him to design this site, a "skillfull" design as Leonard told us once. You can join here the only official fan site in French language about Leonard Cohen, the (French) Leonard Cohen Site.

Marie Mazur is a brilliant and generous woman. To begin my site, she gave us stuff to pick out prologues, gave us a hand in transcribing some hard lines. You can reach from here her Speaking Cohen site (You will read there an amazing sum of Interviews of our man, and enjoy audio and video broadcast) and also her incredible Cohen Concordance

Jean-Francois Bedard is a Canadian friend. His site is a real documentary database for all the live recordings and appearances of our man. I wanna thank him here personaly.

Other contributors : John Cosgrove, whom I thank very much for his warm help, Dean Engelhardt, Cherif Habani, Ofer Shinar, Michal Cohen.

Many photographs illustrating some verses of Leonard's songs have been taken from the landscape of the Couserannaises French Pyrenees. Leonard wrote once "There are some men who should have mountains to bear their names to time" The Spice-Box of Earth; Selected Poems 1956-1968; Stranger Music. Some titans I know and I thank to be there in this site, the Mauberme, the Mount Valier, the Mail de Bulard. These titans are strong enough to illustrate Leonard's words and verses.

Thanks to Andrew Keeble

Patrice Clos, Sauzet, 30190, France.

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