Lover, Lover, Lover   (1974-1980)
I wrote this next song about a year ago today,in the Sinaï desert.I made it for the soldiers that are on both sides.

This next song was written about a year ago in the Sinaï desert for soldiers of both sides.

Une chanson que j'ai ecrite pendant la guerre entre les Egyptiens et les Israelites,pour les deux cotes.
A song that i wrote during the war between egyptian and jewish people,for both sides.

Back in 1973 I had the opportunity to observe the grace and the bravery of many Israeli soldier at the front, (?), in the Sahara Desert and in the Suez. After I came back from that invigorating and depressing experience, I wrote this song called "Lover, Lover, Lover, Lover, Lover, Lover, Lover...”

Note about the genesis of the song.

During the war of 1973, Cohen unofficially joined the Israeli Army and appeared with some of Israel's best singers before the soldiers at the front. One of the young Israeli singers who accompanied Cohen was Matti Caspi. Caspi has since been recognized as one of Israel's most gifted musicians. In a recent interview, Caspi tells more: during the 1973 war, Matti Caspi, Ilana Rovina, Oshik Levi and Pupik Arnon were a team called "the Jeneva conference". Leonard Cohen came to Israel for a period of two months especially for that and he joined them as a singer, with Matti Caspi as the guitarist. Caspi tells that Cohen used to improvise on stage, and during their second performance together he wrote "Lover come back to me" (i.e. "Lover, Lover, Lover") right there on stage in front of the soldiers.”

Read the complete article here (in hebrew)
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Thanks to Ofer Shinar and Michal Cohen for mentioning me
this relevant point in the history of the song.

Graeme Allwright recorded "Lover Lover Lover", in french, in 1975. photograph : C. Delorme



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