Jazz Police  (1988-)
This next song is a very curious song. I hope you will forgive me for indulging in some augmented fifths, and diminished ninths, I know that I am only supposed to use three chords, but sometimes the devil just gets a hold of me.

There is the RCMP in Canada, and there's the KGB in the Soviet Union.....I love the KGB...something so galant about the KGB....and then we have our poor dismal FBI, haven't we ? Not a match for the other agencies, but we love it just the same....I love it, I don't know about you...? Perhaps you're commies. I don't hate the FBI. I do perceive a real threat out there. I'm sorry about that but maybe we're just reacting logically. I don't know. But above it all, above all these agencies, there is a super Agency called the Jazz Police. I am in very close connection with the Jazz Police. That is the story that I am about to tell you.

In the Soviet Union,there's the KGB; in our country there's the RCMP; in USA the FBI. But above all these agencies there's a superagency called the "Jazz Police". They govern everything,they rule everything, they are behind every plot and every resolution. This is my homage to them.


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