Dance Me To The End Of Love (1988-)
 Wien 11/05/88
I wanna go to that place where one is free from love,and one is free from God,and one is free from song,and one is free from politics.I'll try to get there in this song called "Dance me to the end of love".

 Interview with Chris Doritos, "Morning Becomes Eclectic", 1997
That's a song I worked on for a while. And I thought I'd really nailed it when I finally recorded it. But well that was part of an album called "Various Positions" which wasn't even issued in this country. Columbia at the time neglected to inform me that they weren't going to put the record out. And it was put out on a tiny label. But I like the song very much and nobody ever mentioned it for about ten or fifteen years. And then recently a book has been put out accompanied by Matisse's drawings, and it's been in the soundtrack of several movies and people seem to have discovered it. That's always agreeable when that happens.

Japanese Single Version


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