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Ladies And Gentlemen,
Mr Leonard Cohen

Year 1965, DVD edition 2000

Video edition of the 1965 black-and-white movie by the National Board Office of Canada. It includes many familiar shots by his Leonard's father Nathan. You can also find bonus items: animations of the song "I'm your man", by Roslyn Schwartz, of the writing "Poen" (from "Beautiful losers"), of a poem "A Kite is a victim", and another animation with an nunreleased music score by Leonard: "Angel". Very good material.

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Copyright of the DVD Edition: NFB of Canada, distribution Quantum Leap, Ref DUK 0233

"Take 30"
TV program

Year 1966, Canada

Adrienne Clarkson (later host of a major Cohen documentary in 1988) welcomes Leonard Cohen for the release of "Beautiful Losers". Leonard sung there "The Stranger Song".

"This hour has 7 days"
TV program

Year 1966, Canada

Patrick Watson (later also on "Authors", see "1979") welcomes Leonard Cohen in his TV Program (interview).

Copyright Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 1966.

"Once More With Felix"
Live TV program

Year 1967, United Kingdom.

Julie Felix welcomes Leonard Cohen at the British Television. Leonard sung there "The Stranger Song", and "Hey that's no way to say Goodbye" in duet with Julie.

"Message To Love"
The Isle Of Wight Festival - The Movie.

Year 1970

From the famous concerts of the Isle Of Wight, only two songs were released:"Tonight will be fine" (the Audio recording can be heard in the album "Live Songs") and "Suzanne". The video of Suzanne is available in the VHS and DVD edition of the 1970 Wight Concert. Below, menu extract and Leonard singing "Suzanne" dressed with his famous safari jacket. The movie is directed by Murray Lerner.

Kris Kristofferson wrote those words about this performance by Leonard at the Isle of Wight: "It's 4 a.m. Sunday Morning, end of a death-march, and Zal (Yanofsky) and I stayed around to watch Leonard. The crowd was burning the concession stands & a truck at the time. They woke up Leonard in his trailer, & he appeared in a raincoat & pajamas & took 20 minutes to tune up. They'll kill him, I thought as we watched. They'll never hear him. Then he did the damndest thing you ever saw: he Charmed the Beast. A lone sorrowful voice did what some of the best rockers in the world had tried to do for 3 days & failed. It really impressed me." (A celebration of Leonard Cohen)

"Arpèges sur Joe Dassin"
Show directed by Jean-Marie Coldefy

Year 1970, France

Black-and-white TV Program. Joe Dassin invited Leonard Cohen to sing two songs, The Partisan, and Regina, an improvisation with the band.

Copyright French Television

"Concert ????"

Year 197X (probably 1972)

Last Screen Capture show Bob Johnston beside Leonard.

Copyright Unknown.

"Bird On A Wire"
Movie by Tony Palmer.

This movie has not yet been released on DVD nor VHS media. You can reach Tony Palmer website by clicking "here".

Year 1974, UK.

Major documentary on Cohen's tours in the early seventies (until the 1972 tour) including shots in France, Germany, Israël. the band is composed by Ron Cornelius, Bob Johnston (*), Peter Marshall, David O'Connor and vocalists Jennifer Warnes (*) and Donna Washburn. Main songs are uncomplete except the unique "Chelsea Hotel # 1", the only document on that early song at that day. The documentary on backstage events during the tour (fights, angry spectators and joy of the band and its audience) make the body of this movie.

Judy Collins welcomes Leonard Cohen

TV Program, Chicago, USA

Year 1976

Leonard sings "The Stranger Song" and "Suzanne" (duet with Judy Collins).

Concert in Vienna

Year 1976, Austria

"Hierbleiben ist Solidarität" ("To stay here is solidarity").  From a concert in an occupied building called "Arena".

"Le Grand Echiquier"
Live TV Program

May 27, 1976, France.

Program containing three live songs by Leonard: "Bird on The Wire" (partially sung in French according to the adaptation by serge Lama "Vivre Tout seul"), "Lover Lover Lover", "Suzanne". Leonard is acompanied by Laura Branigan. Charles Aznavour is the special guest of the show, presented by Jacques Chancel.

"A Cause du Pop"
Movie commercially released under the name "Guitare au poing"

Year 1976, France.

Movie relating the 1970 festival of Aix-En-Provence (France) consisting of stock-shots from news broadcastings. Leonard sung along with many artists like Johnny Winter, Mungo Jerry, Pete Brown, Colosseum, Titanic, Rare Bird, Triangle, Dynastic crisis, Trader Horn, Chico (now Chico Magnetic Band), Wallace collection, Majority One, Rada Krishna. Production: SEDIMO, Astra Paris Films. Dialogues: Jacques Higelin and Küelan Hercé.Directed by Daniel Szuster. Note also that the French Radio Network "France-Inter" broadcasted the songs on air (unavailable, otherwise illegal).

Patrick Watson with Leonard Cohen

Literary TV Program

Year 1979, Canada.

A great literary TV program towards the work of Leonard, on the occasion of the release of the book "Death of a Ladies'Man". We can hear a beautiful, "joyfully sad" reading by Leonard of his poem "Slowly I Married her".

Copyright 1979 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Ottawa. Producer: Cameron Graham.

Live at ZDF Studios, München, Germany
Live TV Program

Year 1979, Germany.

TV concert program shot in the Fernsehstudio of the ZDF TV Channel in München, including the songs: "Memories", "Famous Blue Raincoat", "Passing Through" "The Window" "So Long, Marianne" "Suzanne" and "The Guests". The musicians are from the "Passenger" band: Mitch Watkins, Roscoe Beck, Steve Meador, Bill Ginn, Raffi Hakopian, John Bilezikjan, Paul Ostermayer and vocalists Sharon Robinson and Jennifer Warnes. Leonard plays harmonica on "Passin' Thru". The picture below where Leonard joins his hands is extracted from the introduction of the song "The Window": << It's a kind of prayer to bring the two parts of the Soul together >>.

Copyright: ZDF 1979; Producer: Eberhard Klein.

"The song of Leonard Cohen"

Movie by Harry Rasky

Year 1980, Canada.

Major movie about Leonard Cohen and his work. Includes shots of 1979 tour around Europe (*) with the band "Passenger", and shots in Montreal. Leonard explains his own songs with his words (*), guided by beautiful questions and direction. A masterpiece. Also appear Irving Layton, Mort Rosengarten, Notre-Dame de Bon Secours and Leonard's souvenirs. (*) The songs: Suzanne, Chelsea Hotel # 2, The Guests, The gypsy's wife, Who by fire, Field Commander Cohen, Un canadien errant, Memories, So long Marianne, Lover lover lover, There is a war.

(*) Songs were shot at the Koningin Elizabethzaal of Antwerp (Belgium), the "Palais des Sports" of Montpellier (France), the "Théatre des Champs-Elysées" of Paris (France) and the Jahrundesthale of Frankfurt (Germany).

Copyright 1980 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Film Production.

"I am a hotel"

Year 1983

Music Movie based on the songs : "Memories", "Suzanne", "Chelsea Hotel # 2" and "The Guests "

Filmed at Toronto's "King Eddy" Hotel. The story is developed by Mark Shelter, , the director is Allan Nicholls, priced for this movie.
The movie is a nostalgic experience of a "resident" (Leonard himself) in an Hotel where young and old people live their dream ("Suzanne"), love ("Memories" and "Chelsea Hotel # 2"), separation ("The gypsy's wife"), and their broken feelings ("The Guests"). Leonard plays his own part in "Suzanne", the observer in the other songs. The other actors play the couples. They are: : Alberta Watson (as Suzanne, 1), Celia Franca (as the Diva in "Chelsea Hotel # 2" see 2), Toller Cranston (as the manager, 3), Anne Ditchburn (as the "gypsy wife", 4), Leo Leyden (as the "Admiral" in "Chelsea Hotel # 2"), Robert Desrosier (as the "Bell boy", 5), Claudia Moore (as the girl in "Memories" 6), Samantha Logan and Daniel Allman (as the "young lovers" in "Chelsea Hotel # 2, see 7 & 8).

Copyright: Blue Memorial Video Ltd.

"Halleluja in moll"
TV program directed by Georg Stefan Troller

Year 1985, Germany.

TV program including interview, shots in France and Germany, rehearsals with the band. Anjani Thomas, vocalist of the 1985 tour rends her beautiful versions of "Hallelujah" and "If it be your will" chorus. The face of Dominique Isserman is also present.

"Promotional TV Interview"

February 22nd 1985, France.

Mid-day news spoken by Claude Serillon, promoting the "Salle Pleyel" Concerts of 1985 in Paris. Interview by Denis Brunetti, located in Place de La Republique, Paris, France.

Copyright: TF1

TV Material

Year 1985, Germany.

Copyright ZDF

"Midday Show with Ray Martin"
TV program.

Year 1985, Australia.

TV program including a very interesting interview, specially concerning the 1985 Polish experience of Leonard. He also sings live "Coming back to you" with Anjani Thomas.

Dance Me To The End Of Love
Video Clip

Year 1985

The videoclip of the same-titled song

There were at least two clips-versions of the song (see below).

Elixir Festival
TV Concert

July 13th, 1985, concert located in Guehenno, France

Songs include: There Is A War, Dance Me To The End Of Love, Hallelujah, Suzanne, Lover Lover Lover, Tennessee Waltz, The Partisan, Memories, Passin' Through, So Long, Marianne. Presence of Anjani Thomas on keyboards (see photo below).

Leonard Cohen I Kobenhavn
TV Concert

February 9th, 1985, concert located in Copenhagen, Denmark

Musicians include Anjani Thomas (vocals and Keyboards), John Crowder (bass), Ron Getman & Mitch Watkins (guitar), Richard Crooks (drums). Songs include: Memories, Bird on the wire, Night Comes on, Passing through, So Long Marianne.

Copyright Week-End TV

"A moving Picture"
Musical Video

Year 1987

Dancers of the "National Ballet of Canada" play their way many songs by Buffy Ste Marie, Ahmed Hassan, André Gagnon, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, John Tucker, Laurie Anderson, Kate Bush and .. Leonard Cohen, with two songs of him: "First we take Manhattan" and "Famous Blue Raincoat" in its Jennifer Warnes' rendition. Very beautiful movie.

Copyright 1987 Rhombus Media Inc. Distribution in 2004 by "Bullfrog Films"

"Leonard Cohen in concerto dal Teatro Orfeo di Milano"
TV Program, Concert

Year 1988, Italy, Milano.

TV concert with four songs: "Suzanne", "Take This Waltz", "Who by fire", "First We Take Manhattan".

"Leonard Cohen en Concierto"
TV Program, Full length Concert

Year 1988, Spain, San Sebastian.

Major concert program directed by Eduardo Stern. The most precious concert document of the work of Leonard Cohen.

"A portrait in the first person"
TV Program, Interview

Year 1988

Leonard tells us his thoughts about politics and society. The transcript can be read at Marie Mazur's site (Please click here.)

"John Archer pursues Leonard Cohen"
TV Program, Interview

Year 1988

A private detective asks Leonard about life and his main songs. Document as good as peculiar. It was shot in the same place than in the movie "Songs from the life of leonard Cohen". It's a perfect complement of this last movie.

"Stina möter Leonard Cohen"
TV Program, Interview

Year 1988

The meeting between Stina Dabrowski and Leonard in L.A. (at Mount Baldy). Directed by Agreta Wirberg.

Copyright 1988 Dabrowski TV, Textremsam AB

"TV Interview"
TV Program, Interview

May 27th, 1988, Paris, France.

A short interview by Bernard Gély during the mid-day news spoken by Jean-Pierre Pernod, promoting the Paris Concerts of 1988.

Copyright TF1

"TV Interview"
TV Program, Interview

April 21, 1988, Paris, France.

A short interview in the musical TV magazine "Rapido", hosted by Antoine De Caunes. Includes a short comentary by French writer Philippe Djian

Copyright Canal +

TV Program, Interview and one play-back song

May 14th, 1988, Paris, France.

Michel Drucker welcomes Leonard in his Saturday Evening Show "Champs-Elysées". Leonard sings play-back "First we take Manhattan".

Copyright Antenne 2

"TV Program"
TV Interview

May 24th, 1988, Paris, France.

Guillaume Durand welcomes Leonard in a promotional program. Good interview by Patrick Willard.

Copyright Antenne 2

"A la folie"
TV Program, Interview and one play-back song

February 17th, 1988, Paris, France.

Patrick Poivre D'Arvor welcomes Leonard in his Show "A la Folie". Sequence is named "Incorrigible Poet". 15 minutes interview and Leonard sings play-back "First we take Manhattan".

Copyright TF1

"Various Rare Promotional Clips from 1988 for the release of the "I'm your man" album."

"Take this waltz"

Nice clip including shots in Spain around Granada, homecoutry of Garcia Lorca.

"In Bed With Leonard Cohen"
TV Program, Interview

Year 1988

Interview lying on a bed with a woman wearing a white dress....

"Live Fra Roskilde festival '88"
TV Program, Concert

Year 1988, Denmark

Fine concert including the songs "Suzanne", "Take This Waltz", "Dance me to the end of love", "Everybody Knows", "Hallelujah", "First we take Manhattan".

Copyright 1988 Hans-Erik Saks for TV Channel "TV2", Denmark.

"Finnish Interview"
TV Program.

Year 1988, Finland

Fine Interview.

"Austin City Limits 1988"
TV concert

Year 1988

Fine concert from the 1988 tour. Songs played are: "First we take Manhattan", "Tower of song", "Everybody knows", "Ain't no cure for love", "The Partisan", "Joan Of Arc", "Jazz Police", "If it be your will", "Take this waltz". Musicians are: Bob Metzger, Bob Furgo, Steve Meador, Steve Zirkel, John Bilezikjian, Tom Mc Morran, Perla Batalla, Julie Christensen.

"First We Take Manhattan"
Video Clip

Year 1988, Norway.

Video Clip of the 1988 song, directed by Dominique Isserman, in Normandie (France). Black & White shot.

"Take this waltz"
Concert TV program

Year 1988, Norway.

TV program including live shots of Leonard's concerts in Oslo during the 1988 tour. Leonard is interviewed by Vera Kvaal. A brilliant document. Songs: "First we take Manhattan", "Joan of Arc", "I'm your man", "Chelsea Hotel # 2", "Hallelujah", "Tower of song".

Copyright 1988 NRK/SVT2


Year 1988.

22 years later after "Take 30", Adrienne Clarkson meets again Leonard in his house of Montreal, Canada, for the release of the "I'm your man" album". A major documentary. We can see there Leonard working at his Mc-Intosch Station on his book "A new selection", later published under the title "Selected Poems". Adrienne reviews with Leonard his main books and records, while Leonard shows her some of his back pages.

"Songs from the life of Leonard Cohen"

Year 1988.

A great documentary directed by Bob Portway, about the story of Leonard, including back-Hydra shots in the historical room and its souvenirs. Jennifer warnes, Judy Collins pay homage to Leonard, telling us about her meeting with him. This Video includes many concert shots, some complete, from the 1988 tour.

Copyright 1988 Omnibus, BBC.

"Med Noje Pa Dalaro"
Interview and playback songs

Year 1988, Sweden.

Interview by Jacob Dahlin. Includes two songs (studio versions): "I'm your man" and "Tower of Song". Perla Batalla and Julie Christensen dance with their man.

"Leonard Cohen a Islandi"
Concert and Interview TV program

Year 1988, Iceland.

TV program including live shots of Leonard's concerts in Reijkavik during the 1988 tour. Beautiful renditions of "Joan Of Arc", "Dance me to the end of Love", Hallelujah", The Stranger song", Bird on the wire", "So Long Marianne", "Take This Waltz" including an homage-prologue to Garcia Lorca. This relevant program includes original biblic and spiritual drawings, illustrating the songs "Joan Of Arc" and "Hallelujah" (David playing harp, and Joan of Arc alias "Maerin fra Orleans" i.e the "Virgin of Orléans"). Look also below at the vocalists Julie Christensen and Perla Batalla, Julie cryin after her singing of the last verse of Joan Of Arc. A powerful document

Copyright 1988 Sjonvarpid

"Cargo De Nuit"
Interview, TV program

Year 1988, Belgium.

TV Program including an interview (in French) in which we can hear about Leonard's project to translate Edith Piaf's songs for his friend Jennifer Warnes after the I'm your man" tour. Alas, the task was too hard, especially to give a relevant English translation of some verses like the following one he asks himself and the interviewer about: "C'est l'amour qui fait qu'on aime" ("It's love that make us love", in "C'est l'amour", lyrics by E. Piaf)

"Night Music".
Live TV Program

Year 1988

Leonard Cohen sings "Tower of Song" with Perla Batalla and Julie Christensen, then "Who by Fire" with Sonny Rollins and his band.

"Juno Awards 1991"
TV Show

Year 1991, Canada

A Canadian recording industry homage to Leonard, presented by his school-friend Moses Znaimer. Aaron Neville sings "Bird On The Wire", Suzanne Vega sings live "Who By Fire" and Jennifer Warnes sing "Joan Of Arc". A powerful evening.

Copyright 1991 CBC TV

"The Future - Conversations with Leonard Cohen"
Press Kit, Promotional material

Year 1992

Beautiful interview of Leonard for the release of the album "The Future". Directed by Michaël B. Borofsky. Shot in little restaurant in NYC, in November 1992. We can hear many revelations concerning the songs of the album, among them the part of Rebecca De Mornay in their release. A very good material.

Copyright 1992 Sony Music Film and Video Production group.

"Closing Time"
Video Clip

Year 1992

The video Clip directed in November 1992 by Curtis Wehrfritz. The scenes were shot at the Matador Club Country Music in Toronto, Canada.

Copyright 1992 Sony Music Film and Video Production group, Sony Music Canada and Revolver Films (Toronto).

Promotional TV program

Year 1992, France.

TV program from the French Network M6. It includes an interview in Paris. Ian Mc Culloch sings "Lover, Lover, Lover", and Christian Fevret explains us the genesis of the tribute LP "I'm your Fan".

"Le cercle de Minuit"
TV program

Year 1992, France.

Michel Field welcomes Leonard Cohen in his show "Le Cercle de Minuit" on the French TV Network "Antenne 2". Leonard sung play back "The Future" (with french subtitles he submitted) and "Closing Time". Perla Batalla was one of his vocalists. Graeme Allwright sung live "L'étranger" ("The Stranger Song") and Geoffrey Oryema sung also live "Suzanne" with Jean-Pierre Alarçen.

Culture Rock
TV Program

Year 1992, France

A program about the musical course of Leonard, animated by Alain Gardinier, directed by Gerard Pont, for the French Network "M6", promoting the album "The Future". This program is exceptional because it affirms the existence of concerts movies recordings during the early years in France, and show two extracts ("The Partisan" in 1970 and "Lover Lover Lover" pretended of 1974, both of them in Paris). In fact the mentions are wrong, the supposed 74' extract is actually from 1976 ("Le Grand Echiquier" show) and the 1970 "Partisan" is actually the one of "Arpege sur Joe Dassin"(see above, 1970). This fact confirms though there are treasures in the "INA" to be released one day (at least we can hope so). This very good work of documentation has been made by Mirabelle Freville, Guillaume Godard and Christopher Weldon. This document also contains shots at the Roskilde Festival (Denmark, 1988).

Copyright 1992 Metropolitan Television - CB News.

"Friday Night with Ralph Benmergui"
TV program including Live shots

Year 1993, Canada.

TV program including real live songs "Closing Time" and "The Future" plus an interview.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation TV 1993

"TV Interview"

Year 1993, France & Germany

Major Interview, segmented in 6 parts by themes: "Leonard, Dieu et la chair" (Leonard, God and Flesh), "Leonard et les Fachos" (Leonard and Fascists), "Leonard le fetard" (Leonard the party-goer), "Un Québec Indépendant (Free Québec ?), "Divine Urine ?" (Divine Urine) and "Leonard et la Guerre" (Leonard at war). Very good item.

Arte 1993

"in Helsinki"
TV program including live shots melted with interview.

Year 1993, Finland.

Songs include "The Future", "Democracy" (mainly an interview about the song), "Hallelujah", "Sisters of Mercy". Directed by Hannü Ström.

Copyright: Prime Time TV 1993

"Late Night with David Letterman"
TV promotional program.

Year 1993, USA.

Leonard sings live "The Future".

"Canada a.m."
TV program

Year 1993, Canada.

An interview of Leonard for the release of the album "The Future".

"Barcelona 1993"
Concert TV program

Year 1993, Spain.

TV program including live shots of Leonard's concert in Barcelona during the 1993 tour. Alberto Manzano, translator to Spanish of Leonard's work is interviewed first. Songs: "Closing Time", "Sisters Of Mercy", "I can't Forget", "I tried to leave you", "Hallelujah".

"Later with Jools Holland"

TV Show on the BBC with guest Leonard Cohen, May 14, 1993

Year 1993, United Kingdom.

Leonard sings live "Democracy", "The Future" and "Dance me to the end of love" with his chorists Julie Christensen and Perla Batalla.

"Prime Time"

TV Show, Dec 3d, 1993

Year 1993, Canada.


"Nulle Part Ailleurs"

TV Interview

June 22nd, 1994

Interview by Antoine De Caunes Jackie Berroyer and Philippe Gildas. Journalist Christine Ockrent is the main guest.

Copyright Canal + 1994.

"Valeri Pringle Show"

TV Interview


Valeri Pringle welcomes Leonrd Cohen in her show. Some shots in LA and Mt Baldy.

Copyright CTV.

"Printemps 96 - Spring 1996"
movie by Armelle Brusq

Year 1997, France.

Documentary based on a journey passed with Leonard at Mount Baldy (CA, USA), describing his life there. The main shooting is from 1996. Two unreleased songs at the day of the shot are broadcasted: "Never Any Good" and "A 1000 kisses deep"

Copyright 1997 Armelle Brusq and LIEURAC Productions
Distribution: Sony Music Video Enterprises.

"In My secret Life"
Video Clip

Year 2001

Clip from the song "In My Secret Life" (Album "Ten New Songs"). Directed by Floria Sigismondi, Executive Producer: Jannie McInnes, Producer: Jessica Wise

Copyright Sony Music Canada, The Revolver Film Company.

"EPK Ten New Songs"
Promotional Press Kit, not for sale. VHS media

Year 2001

A 17 minutes reportage about the songs of the album "Ten New Songs". Include shots from the clip "In my secret life". With Sharon Robinson. The tape also provides the complete "In my secret life" clip. A good documentary

Copyright Columbia.

"Stina om Leonard Cohen"

TV Show, december 2002

Year 2002, UK

Interview by Stina Lundberg (see also 1988 "Stina möter Leonard Cohen"), containing shots in Paris. Leonard reads two poems: "Because of a few songs" (later in Dear Heather": "Because of") and "The correct attitude".

Copyright "Stina Lundberg Produktion"

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