Always (1992-1997-)

Well, there is an introduction, that kind of patter that used to be popular in the songs of the twenties and the thirties where the guy would set up the song in some way and this really is the chorus. Although, it became the song and people don't do the patter anymore, don't do that kind of set-up for it. But, there is one, it's very charming. I have a couple of improvised lines in there. I wouldn't have kept the track if it didn't have such exuberance. A number of the musicians told me it was among the happiest sessions they'd ever played. It was a good party.

The song by Irving Berlin was originally in time, and I turned it into a 4/4 song, and I always loved it. It's very beautifully constructed as a song, and I think the lyric is very touching. So, I went in there with Steve Lindsey, a producer, and some really excellent musicians, and we prepared a drink that I had invented called the "Red Needle". It's basically, Tequila, Cranberry juice, and lime, and some other elements. And after I had distributed this drink, and people had sampled it, we produced this track.


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