A singer must die (1974-1993)

This song is for my critics and for my judges and for those who give marks to us everywhere, who evaluate our performance whether it is in the courtroom or the cloakroom or the bedroom. This is for the judges.

In this next song I wrote from the feeling of being on trial - everyone's on trial -. In every living-room there's a trial going on, in every bedroom there's a trial going on, not just in the courtrooms, not just in the jails, but in the most private places of our lives, yeah we subject each other to judgement and to trial.

I've always been attached to those songs that you sing when you don't feel like singing. I've read some reviews of my concerts, over the past several months, and I'm very happy that my suit is so well observed. Sometimes my suit whispers to me from the closet "Do not forget me" it whispers throughout the song and here, I crucify on this hanger (..) suit.

The critics have begun to be very kind to me. I am reminded of that aphorisms articulated by the great cinema master who is now in disgrace, Woody Allen. “Most of life is just showin' up.”


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